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70 Tenth Avenue Redesign _ 2011
University of Pennsylvania
Instructors: Richard Wesley + Yun Kyu Yi
Presented with two sets of geometries (that of the highline and that of the street grid), the building orients to both. The enclosure becomes defined by two L's: orthogonal to both contexts.

Two layers of performance skin wrap the massing. The outer curtain uses photochromic glass, which tints darker in response to solar intensity. The surface display becomes one of constantly shifting angles and densities of sunlight. Instantaneous information streams drive it; the combined mappings of wind speeds and incident solar radiation generate a fašade that shimmers with data.

As the sun sets and residents return, the building re-orients itself to the private realm through its second skin. The fašade becomes a manual operation: panels are darkened by a desire for privacy. Yet while the building turns to face the needs of its interior, it continues its relationship with the public realm. Shaded spaces become pockets of darkness, presenting the pedestrian with a new data-stream of privacy and spatial usage.
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