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Aperture Hybridization _ 2011
University of Pennsylvania
Instructors: Richard Wesley + Yun Kyu Yi
What begins as a monumental wall of unbroken glass-a space that alienates the individual by its scale-is transformed by screened protrusions that puncture and frame a new condition. In the revised aperture, the individual enjoys her privacy while the surface of the glass curtain wall is manipulated and re-chunked to shuttle light to the back of the space.

The hybrid aperture carves new study carrels out of the glass curtain. A series of adjustable frames constructs views and creates privacy, while humanizing the glass curtain by fracturing and reducing the light that pours through it. An L-shaped screen at the eastern wall of each carrel reduces direct sunlight to the workstations. The turn of the L addresses the plight of the librarian. While providing a cozy ceiling for each carrel, the L acts as a light shelf: reflecting solar rays up and into the space, bringing light to the depths. Illuminance simulations show how a localized condition of controlled light can be created at the carrels while still allowing full sunlight to reach the back of the space.
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